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Top 20 Investment Lessons (FF Step 8)

Investing is critical to Financial Freedom. The personal finance author Robert G. Allen once said “How many millionaires do you know who have become wealthy by investing in savings accounts? I rest my case.” Once I paid off my debts and evaluated my risk profile it was time to start … Continue Reading →

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Sov’s 10 Steps to Financial Freedom

Below are the 10 Steps to Financial Freedom that Sov is taking to achieve his dream. Take a look at Sov’s Financial Freedom Tracker to monitor his success. Sov’s net worth can also be tracked on Rockstar Finance. A list of associated articles can also be found at the bottom … Continue Reading →

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20 reasons I like Gold & Silver

Gold and Silver are ‘tradeable’ anywhere in the world and have been used as a currency for over 4000 years. Gold and silver prices tend to increase during a financial crisis as seen during the past few years. Prices also tend to rise during major Geo-political tensions: Iraq, Ukraine and … Continue Reading →

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Money and Kids- Break50

What do Kids know about Money?

I wish I had a better ‘money’ education! I appreciate ‘personal finance’ is now creeping its way slowly onto school curriculums – things have certainly changed since I was at school – but most kids still learn money and personal finance by the old method ‘monkey see, monkey do’. How … Continue Reading →



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10 things you SHOULD spend money on

We all too often try to scrimp and save, being frugal, to achieve our goals and dreams. But money was invented for a reason. Below are my top 10 areas where we SHOULD be spending money. After you’ve paid off those expensive debts of course, but if you’re following the … Continue Reading →